My collaboration on WikiToLearn

Hi there! My first article will be about a project in which i collaborate since few months ago, whose name is WikiToLearn. This is due to all the people who collaborate in the project, who led me to create this blog. Let’s start!

I first heard about WikiToLearn thanks to a post on the facebook group of my university course; the post was published in early December, talking about this new open-source project, which was born just few months before. I was immediately interested and, after a night spent thinking about it, I decided to get in touch with the autor of that post and to join the project.


WikiTolearn, which you can find at, is an open-source project whose aim is to provide and share collaborative and free text books. Every user could join the site and start writing or editing pages, in order to improve the quality of the contents. There is also the possibility of grouping different pages together creating a book, which is free downloadable in PDF format, so you can have it on your pc also offline. The project is young, in different senses: it was born recently and it is the result of some young university students’ works and idea. The motto is “Knowledge only grows if shared”, which is also the aim of the project.


My role in this project is, principally, the editor. I write pages, update contents, proofs-reading and helping the core-team in the organization of the contents are also my job in it. During my collaboration I also worked as unaware bug-finder, that means I went on the site finding random bugs, which I reported to developers.


Collaborating on WikiToLearn is quite easy: just register yourself on the site and start writing, editing ecc. It is also important get in touch with us; you can find all the channels and the communications groups at this link:

I thank Davide Maggiorelli for letting me know this project; all the others for creating a so happy and familiar atmosphere, in which collaborating becomes funny. Thanks to @valsdav for all the helps and advices he gave me, to @Xadhoom for guiding me to the editing and to @ruphy for replying my messages three years later.

Ah, was forgetting: @rivasponda —

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