Why do we have to protect Schengen

Hi there, as you can see from the title this post will be about the Schengen Agreement, which is on the newspapers all of Europe due to the will of some country to suspend it for 2 years.

Firstly, let me say my opinion about this point: shit. I really think that if Schengen will be suspended just for one single day, all the UE structure will crash down, turning back at the ’70s. The  actual political and social situation  of Europe is quite confused and it is passing through a dangerous crisis, which is completely different from the economical crisis started in 2007; conservative parties all over UE are earning acclaims and the xeno-fobic parties are get more votes than they need, and this is all due to the migration crisis in which the south coast of Europe is. People are worried about all the refugees entering in UE, and far-right (or radical right) parties are really happy: they have a fertile ground on which build up a not-so-hypothetical rise to power. And this is terrifying.

But, xeno-fobic parties are not the real problem we risk to have now. They still are a problem, and they will be real problems in the following years, we all know. But the actual problem is the risk of a suspension of Schengen Agreement. Just imagine, for a moment, an Europe without Schengen: barriers between any country, customs authorities who will stop all of your travels through Europe. Maybe the REAL risk of the death of Euro, which is more frightening. UE is built on some pillars, and one of these is Schengen. In 1989 Berlin Wall fell down, starting a new era of a free-barrier Europe. We are risking to come back there, risking to have a divided Europe. In the course of History european countries were not so friends; we had world wars not just because “Oh well, fighting in Europe is funny, let’s destroy it and kill 50 millions people, I am bored”. UE is the attempt to end that History of hate and wars, creating a new continent.

There would be some arguments about failures of UE, but it’s not the right moment. What I’m trying to say is that we need Schengen as we need freedom, cause now, more than in the past, Schengen is synonymous of freedom.
I am just a young man, I did not live in the divided Europe, I always lived in the Schengen’s Europe, and my generation did it too. We are the generation of Schengen, we have grown in the Europe of free movement of persons in which, if I want to visit Paris tomorrow, I will do it without any problems, and the new generation, as the new economical structure, can’t exist without him. I already said, just imagine an Europe without Schengen. We cannot imagine that, we simply cannot. Because if Schengen dies, Europe will do too, as the hopes a new era of humanity. Schengen is a part of our being: we traveled through Europe more in the last 20 years than in the past.
This is not the moment to be divided, this is the moment to show the whole world a strong and united Europe, who fights and tries to solve the international problems we have. Think about it, don’t say “I don’t care, it does not concern me” because it is not true: it concerns you, of course it does, more than you expect.


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