We are digging a hole

Riccardo, this morning, at CERN showing a beatiful post

As you have read in the last post, some funny things happen in the Cafè group of w2l; there are some other nice stories which deserve to be telled, but the one’s I’m going to talk about is different from the others. If you have read some of my post you would have understood I’m not mentally sane. Okay, no debate about this, please.

One beatiful day I met a friend who destroyed my mental sanity. Then, I started spamming it overall. In the Cafè group, one nice night, I’ve posted a funny video, this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ov5pxaIbJlM
The guys really liked it, more than I wondered, and they also started spamming it. Now, you can listen to that music in the short video published this morning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13wqNKkXWNU

(Thanks to Davide Maggiorelli for this beatiful work)

Now, jokes apart, we really are digging a hole. In the academic system. In the spread of knowledge. We are working on a project which will change the academic career of a really high number of students, I’m sure of this. The guys are now at CERN, in Geneve, working hard on the this project. The sprint started this morning, and I am sad about my being at home for many reasons: they will work on topics we have talked on Telegram, they will visit the LHC, Large Hadron Collider, (and you can imagine what means, for a physics student, have the possibility to get there and visiting it) and I am at home. Obviously, I will partecipate at some debates thanks to internet, through livestreams which will be hosted the next days. I just want to whish the guys have good times there, work hard and improve this project.

Now, as I said, we are digging a hole in the academic system. With this project we will change the careers and the experiences of more people, promoting the sharing of culture and knowledge, helping poeple who can’t buy academic textbooks to study and to have a dignified academic course. In this world there are too many families which can’t provide their sons to university, and this project will help them, because culture and knowledge are not elitist rights: everyone has to be able to study and improve his culture. This is the new world we want to build, together. And we are digging, diggy diggy, in the deep: we are digging a hole.

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