Future is not so far – we are ready.

Hi guys,

Today I will talk about the sprint at CERN and what the guys did there. As I said in the first post in this blog, I am an editor and I collaborate as editor for WikiToLearn. Nice, cool, fantastic, okay. At sprint all the group worked hard, and I have waited for their reports to understand all the news and the projects they decided and did.

First of all, #Operation1000. This is the most important operation thought to be done in this project so far. The operation consists in preparing the site and the internal structure of w2l to allow 1000 persons (divided in developers and editors) to be able to work on the project. I have talked with some tech developers and they said they are working hard on the site structure; we are receiveing some international collaboration, and they are working on the new editor’s feature.

So, on what did the editors work during the sprint? Their central work was the internal structure of the project, the new editor’s skin and the writing conventions. You will see the new editor’s features in the next days, so I will not spoiler you 😀 About writing conventions, they are boring stuff more technical for editing group. The interesting point is the internal structure: they thought and drew a sort of “hierarchy” which will help teams in the communications between tech and editors, the editors’ work division and the communication with external people who want to join the project or simply propose a work to be written in the site.

This “hierarchy” (which is not something categorical but flexible: its only aim is to help us not to be mad when we asked ourselves “Who have I to contact for discussing this point? There are 1544623 editors and 21454 developers!” (Warning: fictitious numbers)) is now drawn, but not filled: we have to give ourselves “offices” and decide the future path. All these points will be discussed in the next week’s hangout we are progamming. #Operation1000 is just started, we are ready for the future.

Ah, maybe, in the future, I will tell you about the internal Civil War we fought last days. It was something incredibly funny and bloody battle.

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