Editors: it’s our time.

Hi there,

As announced in my last post, we planned a web meeting. It has been held yesterday (monday March 21st) and it was the first step for a better editors’ organization. The step 0 has been done at sprint, and it consisted in creating an internal structure for editors which allows us to divide the work and to be organized.

Yesterday we debated a lot (almost two hours) about the roles an editor could have and what those roles have to do. It was a pleasure talking with the guys, many of them were new faces for me (I’ve never seen them before, I only talked with them through Telegram or mails) and this was great.

Anyway, the meeting was not a failure: in almost two hours we defined all the duties of the users, we made some important decisions to help new users to join the project (as istitutioning the figure of the “tudor”, a more expert user who helps the new entries to become friendly with the site and the layouts) but the central topic of the hangout was dividing the communication channels between every role.

Today, the core team of WikiToLearn has too many Telegram groups (I have 13 groups, some persons have 16 or even more, as 22 or 27) which make our social life inexistent. Riccardo tried to turn off Telegram just for one day, and the following day he found over 1500 messages from over 48 chats. This is just crazy, and we obviously can’t allow other people to condemn their life. So, we decided to start from the botton: the lower roles of the hierarchy, the editors and the reviewers, just need to follow the flow pages on the site (which will be implemented in the following days) and they could create a private and personal group on Telegram, but they don’t need to subscribe the mailing lists or join the other groups.
From the moderators coming up in scale, mailing lists become essencial: they are a great tool to debate of delicate topics without losing any intervent. Obviously, moderators maybe have to join a larger number of groups.
At the top there are the edit admins, whose role is to coordinate the editing work on the site. I just don’t know how many groups an edit admin will have, but I am sure they will be less than the groups I already have. A friend suggested me that my sleeping problems could be connected with these groups, but really I can’t go out. I love the cafè. It is like a son for me. And everyone would give his life for his son.

Save me. Please.


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