News from WikiToLearn: we are working silently

I didn’t write for a while, near 2 weeks, but this doesn’t mean we are not working. Many important things happened or have been decided in this period of time, and they are the topic of this post.

Let me start from the visit which Riccardo, founder and maintainer of the project, did in Rome yesterday. He came here to lecture about WikiToLearn at GARR – the italian provider of telecommunication and internet services for universities – and this was an opportunity to meet each other for the first time. I study in Rome and live near it, while the other people of WikiToLearn work and live in Milan, so we had never met each other, except for hangouts. It was really a pleasure to meet and know Riccardo, he is a nice person with who I spent a funny afternoon, and I can’t wait to go in Milan and meet the other guys I work with.
Funny moments and meetings apart, the lecture Riccardo did at GARR was a complete success: as he said, they were a lot interested in the project and they asked to help us, improving our web structure.
This is only the last new I have to talk about; first of all I want to talk about the other meetings Riccardo had in these weeks: he traveled in Spain, getting in touch with different universities which seemed impressed and interested in WikiToLearn: a new era for the project is coming, and Spain will soon collaborate with us.

Other ideas about the international face of the project are incoming, but the best works were made into Wiki. Tech group improved his work, thank to many collaborations we received from India, in order of the Google Summer of Code; differents features will be created and implemented in the next weeks, so stay alert!
The OCG group – the team which works on the Offline Content Generation – started working around a hard topic which created not a few problems for them: tables in PDF. Thanks to the collaboration of Irene, they now started fixing the problem, destroying a monster which haunted us for months, since the born of the project. Good job guys, keep working, we need your works and you are fantastic!

Regarding the editors team, in which I work, we took two weeks to write down the Constitution of the editors and users – an official document in which we explain the roles of the editors, the duties of each role and how the future community will be structured – because it is a big step for us; throug the mailing list we received the feedback from all the community: techs and developers commented it and helped us improving the text. After a two-weeks-long route the document is finally completed and we published it in meta: finally the community has a structure! You can read it here: .

The other big step we did was the forming of two permanent working groups – PWG – who will exist and work until the end of the project (=until the end of the world): the Templates Working Group and the Importing Working Group. Both of them have a private task on the phabricator, helping the internal communication; their aim are different: Templates team will work on templates, creating new ones, fixing bugs, modifying the now existent to improve the user experience – they have a lot of work to do, and I wish they will have nice time and will do good jobs.
The Importing Working Group does something different: thank to our developers, WikiToLearn has a bot which imports in the site LaTeX documents. This group, which I joined, will work on the imported documents, fixing the math’s problems of rendering, looking at the language of the text and improving the style. Many professors want to collaborate with us and share their works, so we have to refine them, and it will be a long job to do. I hope me and other guys in this WG will do well.

How many news! That’s all for now, I will join them in Milan soon and I can’t wait it.

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