GARR Workshop 2016

Hi there,

In the last three the GARR workshop 2016 has been set in Rome, at CNR; WikiToLearn was there to take 2 talks, the first in the April 19, the second today April 20.
The CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche = National Research Council) is placed in P.zzale Aldo Moro, just in the front of Sapienza University of Rome: WikiToLearn come to me, another time. These were 2 days I spent with Riccardo, Luca, Paolo, prof. Paganoni and Lola in Rome; it was a great pleasure, first of all.

But I’m not here to talk about my good times: if I had to, probably I would never had opened a blog (never a joy); I’m here to talk about what Luca and Riccardo said in these two talks. Luca hosted his talk yesterday morning, the topic was the web-structure of WikiToLearn and the important use of Docker we (they, the tech team, I am not in that team :D) do. The talk was set in the morning, parallel with other project’s talk, whose topic was the same: web-structure. I could not follow the talk, and we I joined the room Luca has already ended his speech.

Today Riccardo have had 2 speech: an informal talk at MIUR (Ministero dell’Istruzione, Università e Ricerca = Ministry of Education, University and Research) in the morning, which was a surprise for all of us, ’cause only yesterday night it was planned, and his talk at the workshop. I have waited for him in my University, then we went to the CNR; the talk started at 16:00, and the today’s topic was: “New educational projects”, exactly what WikiToLearn is. After two previous speech, of which one has been really interesting, Riccardo started his speech with a pale face. The speech was 25 minutes long, and the majority of the audience seemed really interested to the project: a large number of people stopped Riccardo at the end of his speech, asking for clarifications, offering collaborations; at the end of the day Paolo, which I thank for having saved my cellphone, give us the new: tomorrow morning another meeting will be set at GARR, this time only between Riccardo and the GARR’s PR, talking for an article on the GARR’s newspaper which will be published in June. I wish all will be good tomorrow morning!

Knowing other faces of WikiToLearn has been really funny; with Luca I had some hangouts, but in reality he his really TALL, more than I expected! He is a funny person too. Now, the dates have been decided: I will be in Milan the next May 6-9, for a week-end full of WikiToLearn.

Knowledge only grow if shared, never forget!



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