I’m in Milan!

Hi guys

Finally I got the others of WikiToLearn and now I’m in Milan for spending a week-end with them all.

I arrived yesterday morning, with Dario e Matteo waiting for me; after having met some people I only talked with through Telegram, in the afternoon we had a mini-sprint, has you could have seen in our Facebook page. The mini-sprint was 2 hours long, we talked a lot and decided some new features for the site. First of all, we had to talk about the pages for high-schools; as a matter of fact, we had some pages and projects which include the high-school, but we had not a structure for them, so we put them near the other academic books, but the results was really no beauty. We decided to have a more structured list of books.

The other big question, on which we worked about 1 hour and half, was about the multiple versions of the same book. As you can imagine, there are many way to write a physics (or math) book, and you could write infinite books about Mechanics, which are all different each other but say the same things; so we decided to create a disambiguation page, as Wikipedia does, in which you can find the different versions of the same book. We also decided to divide the collaborative books from the imported books, which are books written by professors, and we will put them in their own pages, so noone will modificate their contribution but they are them.

The mini-sprint was really a good meeting: I liked how we worked, the ideas we had and the decisions we took. Now, we have to work hard to move the site to this new layout, but I will rest other 2 days here in Milan, hoping about having another mini-sprint for WikiToLearn.


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