WikiToLearn community: a big family

Hi there,

As you could read in the last post, I’ve spent a weekend in Milan, with the WikiToLearn core community. After months of hangouts, mails, Telegram’s messages I finally could meet most of them, touching the community.

Probably, most of you will read this post through Planet KDE, and maybe your expectations are about something concerning the project; but I will talk only about the community (which is, after all, one of the most important parts of an open-source project) I met in the last days.

Let me start from how I decided to meet them; after having met Riccardo in Rome, I searched for trains’ costs and booked a travel from Rome to Milan. Nothing to say about the travel, it was quite normal. I arrived in Milan Friday May 6th, where Matteo and Dario were waiting for me. With all the calm of this world I approached them, who were calling me outloud. Then, I joined the others in Bicocca, then we had the mini-sprint. The following 3 days were something about alcol, Bergamo, Milan, I’m confused.

They made me feeling like I was at home. I had really nice times with them, even if we walked too much (I’m lazy and they made me walking for 2 consecutive days, my god) and I really wanted to stay with them a little bit more, but Rome called me back. Despite this, now they are my second family. Thank you guys, I love you all.

Thanks to Davide Valsecchi I learned how to use “pota”, a Bergamo’s dialect word; thanks to Dario, I was presomale (depressed) ❤ all the time; thanks to Davide Maggiorelli I met the most beautiful cat in this world. Thanks to Riccardo, who hosted me in his house.
Thanks to all the other: Tunale, Matteo, Gian, Jona, Vince, Crisbal, Pippo, Irene, Lucie. Sorry if I forgot someone. Thanks guys, I already miss you all.

Now, it’s not all gone; we have to re-build the site with the new layout, we have to write, review, to import and to study: we also have to end our studies, maybe. Maybe, I said maybe. No we won’t have a degree.

-No revolution has ever made with love


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