My hot summer starts

Hi again It started being so much hot in Italy (too hot, to be clearer), and summer also started annoying me; the exam I have to do last tuesday has had a good result, and the next tuesday I will do another exam which I hate. These exam period, by the way, is full of contacts and hot. […]

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A project is done!

Hi there, I am back here. It has been a long time since I wrote something here last time; the reason is that I was busy, as I have never been in my life. In the early June I had to start my exams, I have 3 exams this semester, and obviously I had to […]

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Amministrative 2016: pensieri

Ieri si è votato in 1342 comuni per l’elezione dei sindaci e bla bla bla si sanno ste cose. I risultati: preoccupanti. Più dei precedenti, forse. La provincia con più affluenza è stata Rieti, oltre il 77%; a seguire Viterbo, al 76%, quasi come se qui nel Lazio avessimo così tanta voglia di votare, ma […]

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