A project is done!

Hi there, I am back here.

It has been a long time since I wrote something here last time; the reason is that I was busy, as I have never been in my life. In the early June I had to start my exams, I have 3 exams this semester, and obviously I had to study for them; they will annoy me for another month, but at least the hardest part is done.

Anyway, my exams have been a good excuse to write head down a book. In this month, there have been so many things and events; first of all, according to the editing team, we started mapping all our projects on meta. I immediately supported and shared this idea, and, after 3 days of spam, we got our list of project: http://meta.wikitolearn.org/Editors%27_projects_Summer_2016
As you can read here, my first project his done. Before talking about it, let me say that I’m proud to be in the first WikiToLearn Maintainers’ Table, which is set from 01/Jun/2016 to 31/Dec/2016; my job is obviously concerning the editing side, which is going very well in the last times.

About this, we are working hard. Matteo started and completed a complex course of math, which is a great result; Davide completed is parser and now TeXla is online. This is the greatest achievement of the last month, I think. The Department of Chemistry isn’t open yet, and I’m really happy about this, I hate chemistry (damn I have a chemistry exam next week). No, jokes apart, please find someone who studies this freaking science and starts writing it.
In the Department of Physics we had and we are having some importante developments; the structure of the courses has been changed by me, but it seems not to be liked to other people, so we need to change it another time. The complexity of the case is in the really large amount of topic physics has, which is enlarged by the fact we divided every course in 3-4 more concentrate courses. We will work on it soon, let the exams pass away.

About all of these points, our summer projects, the structure of Physics exc, I have a great announcement: after a 3 months-long work, collaborating with other students in WikiToLearn, last night I finally closed and collected the macro-course of Mechanics. It is a great achievement for me, I loved this course in university and I really wanted to do well writing it, so I hope it is done well. Let me just say that I have Mechanics exam tomorrow, and I didn’t studied it for writing this book, so… Well, let’s see.

Now that all is going on its right way, let us rest a bit. Then, sit down and let us show you what we are able to do. We will astonish you.



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