My hot summer starts

Hi again

It started being so much hot in Italy (too hot, to be clearer), and summer also started annoying me; the exam I have to do last tuesday has had a good result, and the next tuesday I will do another exam which I hate. These exam period, by the way, is full of contacts and hot.

As I said in the last post, we decided to write down every future project on meta; I wrote there 3 main projects, which one is already done, I can proudly say this. The other 2 are collaborations which have to be confirmed as well, but today I can say that one of them will be set in the next months: collaborating with an undergraduate student of engineering, we will write a course of fluyd dynamics.

I already wrote a fluyd dynamics course, which you can find in the macro text of mechanics, but it was a simplified course, for a first year student. So, the course we are going to write is a moredepth course for following years, which needs advantage calculus knowledge to be completely understood. This means that we will have two different versions of a courses, which is possible after the sprint we had in early May, and we have never tested it before: we created templates to allow this, another structure of the site but we still don’t have multiple versions on the site. So, this could be really a good test for us, to see the feedbacks from the students. Let’s see how it goes, we will start in late July or early August.

From my side it’s all. From the editing side, let me say that we are in calm and peace, studying hard for our exams, so we will work again in the next weeks.

If you want to read more about the participation we had at Wikimania @Esino Lario follow our facebook page.

Thank you, Daniele


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