My hot summer starts

Hi again It started being so much hot in Italy (too hot, to be clearer), and summer also started annoying me; the exam I have to do last tuesday has had a good result, and the next tuesday I will do another exam which I hate. These exam period, by the way, is full of contacts and hot. […]

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A project is done!

Hi there, I am back here. It has been a long time since I wrote something here last time; the reason is that I was busy, as I have never been in my life. In the early June I had to start my exams, I have 3 exams this semester, and obviously I had to […]

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I’m in Milan!

Hi guys Finally I got the others of WikiToLearn and now I’m in Milan for spending a week-end with them all. I arrived yesterday morning, with Dario e Matteo waiting for me; after having met some people I only talked with through Telegram, in the afternoon we had a mini-sprint, has you could have seen […]

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GARR Workshop 2016

Hi there, In the last three the GARR workshop 2016 has been set in Rome, at CNR; WikiToLearn was there to take 2 talks, the first in the April 19, the second today April 20. The CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche = National Research Council) is placed in P.zzale Aldo Moro, just in the front […]

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The last weekend on Earth

Hi there, we had a hellish weekend on WikiToLearn and now I will talk about what happened the last two days. Let’s start from saturday. Saturday, April 09 In the last two months, tech developers, helped by students from India in order to the Google Summer of Code, worked hard, together with the editing team, […]

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